Planning for pregnancy

Being in good health:

  • Nutrition for all women
  • Exercise
  • Smoking affects your health
  • Alcohol
  • The reproductive/menstrual/ovulatory cycle
  • Regular health care – having a primary care provider
  • Cervical spears
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs or STDs)
  • Breast examination

Sexuality and contraception:

  • Commonly used methods of contraception

Deciding whether to have a child:

  • Do I want a child?
  • Pre-conception health check
  • Stopping contraception

Trouble getting pregnant?

  • Body weight
  • Fertility awareness (natural family planning)
  • Intercourse
  • And if I’m still not pregnant?
  • Pregnancy for women not currently in a heterosexual relationship
  • Investigating infertility
  • Adoption

A Maori health professional’s perspective